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  • Louise Cheetham

Is Flexi Schooling Right For My Child?

Sadly, many parents will recognise the misery of ‘school morning syndrome’ and the child who comes home from that same school exhausted and unable to take any part in family social activities. We can also privately acknowledge the number of days ‘off sick’ that we allow our children to take, when we know that in reality their only illness is the need for a break from school. So, is Flexi Schooling the answer?

Flexi schooling has provided the perfect solution to countless of our families over the last 11 years. We began offering Flexi schooling solutions to families we worked with through our sister company, NETwork Interventions in 2008. This happened organically as many of the children we worked with were not able to complete a full day of school successfully. We worked with some of our children for part of the day at home around their schooling. For others we supported them part of the time in nursery, school or college and part time at home. Some of our children received our specialist support part of the time on site, but out of class at school. Others of our families chose to home educate their children and receive our specialist interventions at home and in the community. These were brilliant solutions for some of our children, however some needed something a little different in order to thrive. In 2014 we opened a Centre in Epsom, Surrey, from which we taught some of our children for one or more sessions each week on a one to one basis as well as met with families and local authority and school staff.

We now have a school in Battersea and have plans to open a second school this Spring in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Give us a call to find out more 07741 646 875. We can't wait to meet you.

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