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I'm Worried About My Child 



Abuse, whether it was a ‘one off’ or whether it occurred over a long period of time, can have a devastating impact on a child’s life. There are four main types of abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

Children who have suffered abuse are at risk of developing psychological problems, physical complaints and other acquired disorders. This can include anxiety, depression, challenging behaviour and sleep disorders – and by seeking professional help, you will reduce your child’s risk of developing these associated conditions.

Many people don’t realise that abuse can also affect a child’s language and communication skills. School can become a very challenging place for a child who has experienced abuse; your child may struggle to concentrate in class, or may have difficulties interacting and expressing feelings, needs and desires with teachers and other children.


We partner with our sister company NETwork Interventions to work with your child to put strategies in place to help you move forwards. If your child has suffered abuse by another family member or by someone outside of the home, you will also be deeply affected by this – and we are here to support you too - as well as other close family members. In fact we often work with you first, before meeting your child, to ensure that you have our full trust before the interventions begin.

Many families who first come to us have already accepted that their child will always struggle with the behaviours and problems which were triggered by the abuse. Some even believe that their child will never be able to really move on from what has happened. Our experience, backed by a vast body of scientific research, tells us otherwise.

Children who have suffered abuse or neglect often have many unvoiced emotions and fears. Verbal Behaviour is a highly effective way of teaching children to express themselves, helping them to channel their emotions and fears in a more healthy and appropriate way and, ultimately enabling them to work through those emotions and move on.

We are a team of highly trained psychologists, counsellors and behaviour analysts with years of experience of helping children who have suffered abuse and neglect.

One of the biggest barriers faced by children who have experienced abuse is the ability to communicate their emotions to others in an appropriate way. Teaching children how to express themselves and giving the adults the tools they need to respond in a caring and consistent manner can make the world of difference for a child who has been abused.

Helping Your Child 
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