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Our Values

We are a values-driven organisation and our values, which form the basis of everything we do, include:

We will always be open and honest with you, even if this involves confronting painful issues with you. We will always do this in a way that is respectful and professional. What’s more, we never encourage parents to use our services if they don’t need to: if we think you don’t need our services, we will be honest about this and will explain why.

Being transparent includes being clear with you at the outset on what you can expect from our interventions, the time and commitment you will need to invest in this and what it will cost.

We believe that mutual accountability is essential. We are accountable to you to deliver everything that we have promised – and your commitment and involvement in implementing our recommendations is crucial. We are all accounatble to one another in our team as well as to external mentors and supervisors.

We are governed by strict confidentiality and we never disclose personal information to a third party. The only exception to this is where we suspect there to be a child protection issue at hand. The child is always our main priority. 

We consistently strive for professional excellence and seek to stay at the cutting edge of delivering programmes that are effective, excellent and based on the most recent, scientifically based evidence.

Our interventions are fully focused on the end product: helping your child thrive and reach his or her potential. Our commitment to being solution-focussed applies to every child that we work with, irrespective of the nature, severity or prevalence of their disorder or problem. This is very important to us, as it is key to turning around the hopelessness and despair we so often see parents forced into because they haven’t been given solutions.

This involves actively challenging many of the stereotypes, out-of-date methods and falsehoods surrounding autism, problem behaviour and a whole range of other developmental and acquired conditions.

This includes showing respect for our families and accepting our differences, as well as respecting the expertise and input of other professionals who may be working with your child.

Challenging Preconceptions
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