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Little Bridge


This is for children aged 2-4 years old. We do work with children younger than this, but it is likely that working with your child in their home will be the best environment from them at this age. Please do call or email us to have a chat about your child’s specific situation. 


In our Little Bridge class, we have either a 1:1 or a 1:2 educator to child ratio. This is so important for our children to be able to make the gains that they need to. Where needed, we organise for 2 educators to be with 1 child as sometimes this is what they need.


The children who come to our ‘Little Bridge’ class come for a variety of reasons. Some have been with our sister company, NETwork Interventions, from birth because they have had neo-natal stroke, a birth trauma or a have a chromosome abnormality. Other children come to us as their older siblings are on or have been on a programme with our sister company. They may have Autism or a developmental or language delay. This in itself increases the risk factor of a younger sibling facing a developmental challenge. Parents may choose to place their baby or toddler with us simply because of this risk. Others see some red flags or risk factors. 


Our Little Bridge programme provides both structured learning and facilitated play. The focus of this programme is teaching the pre-requisite and foundational skills of learning: language; understanding and comprehension; social skills; imitation; joint attention; attending to those around them and self-regulation. We work closely with family to ensure that skills can be taught in a fun, natural way when they are at home. If your child attends a nursery part or full time, we can also come in to this environment to work with their key-worker and other staff to ensure that the very best can be made of the time they spend there.

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