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Our Clinics

  • We believe that working with the whole family - not just your child in isolation - is the key to outstanding success. Whilst equipping you with new skills, we also need to reduce any challenges or barriers you may face in being successful. This means that services need to be available to all members of your family and in an environment that is safe and constructive, to help your family achieve balance.

  • In our clinic settings, we offer the following services:

  • Coffee and a chat to discuss your concerns

  • One to one sessions with your child

  • Interviews and assessments

  • Individual Therapy/Counselling/Intervention for any member of your family

  • Couples Therapy/Counselling/Intervention

  • Sibling Support

  • Team Meetings

  • Workshops, supervision and training

  • Parent support groups


  • Bridge Flexi School - Battersea, London

  • Spring 2020 - Pembrokeshire, Wales

In collaboration with our sister company Network Interventions we work with families all across the globe - our current families are based in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, France, Spain, Scotland, England and Wales. 

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