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My Child Has A Diagnosis



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often confused with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The two conditions are quite different and a child with ADHD is often described as being ‘constantly on the go.’

ADHD is also a misunderstood disorder. Our partners at NETwork Interventions meet many children with ADHD who have been wrongly diagnosed with another condition such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder.


A child with ADHD may display some or all of the following characteristics:

  • An inability to rest, sit still and be calm and quiet; many children are simply ‘on the go’ from the minute they wake up until they fall asleep at the end of the day.

  • Talking excessively, interrupting and ‘blurting out’ answers before they have thought them through.

  • Problems with taking turns, sharing and interacting appropriately with other children.

  • Difficulties with independent play.


For children with ADHD school presents a great many challenges. The school environment is designed to stimulate and to activate the mind - bright colours, interactive toys and games, large groups of children and constant background noise. Whilst the school setting can work well for typically developing children, this is often not the case for children who find it difficult to remain focused or are overwhelmed by high octane environments.


Having a child with ADHD can put a huge strain on you and the rest of the family. ADHD can be exhausting, challenging and very demanding and their behaviour can result in them experiencing rejection by children and adults alike.


Our partners at NETwork Interventions specialise in Verbal Behaviour which is widely recognised as the most effective way of teaching communication, social and behavioural skills to children with a range of diagnosed conditions and struggles.

Their team of highly trained behaviour analysts and psychologists have years of experience of successful interventions, all of which are grounded in the most recent empirical research and practice.

NETwork Interventions works with your child, family and others who are involved with your child (such as teachers, grandparents or family friends). We equip you as parents with the tools to teach your child to achieve success; this includes helping replace negative, harmful or inappropriate behaviours with healthy, positive behaviour patterns.

Having worked with many families affected by ADHD, we understand the impact that ADHD can have on your whole family. Our whole family approach means that we never work with a child in isolation; the interventions we design for your child, will take into account your family situation and the needs and challenges facing the whole family.


Medication for ADHD has been under scrutiny in recent years, particularly because of its adverse side-effects. It is possible to overcome the symptoms of ADHD without medication. And there is now a vast body of research demonstrating that behavioural intervention is just as successful as medication - and our experience of working with many children with ADHD over the years bears testimony to this.

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