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My Child Has A Diagnosis



Down’s Syndrome is a genetic condition which affects approximately one in 800 babies.

This condition doesn’t just affect a child’s physical development. Many children with Down’s Syndrome have speech and language impairments. A good repertoire of speech, language and communication skills is essential if your child is to thrive, enjoy meaningful relationships and reach his or her unique potential. It is also a way of enabling your child to gain control over his or her social and emotional environments.

Our partners at NETwork Interventions specialise in Verbal Behaviour (VB) which is based on the principles of Behaviour Analysis (BA). Verbal Behaviour is a highly effective way of teaching speech, language and communication skills to children with a range of conditions, including Down’s Syndrome.

Rather than just focusing on the words themselves, Verbal Behaviour will help a child with Down’s Syndrome to understand the context, meaning and application of language, enabling them to express themselves clearly and fully. This will allow them to achieve success in school, relationships and careers.

Being a parent of a child with special needs is hugely rewarding – but can also be hugely challenging – and support from other parents in similar circumstances can make all the difference.

Our NETwork programme also offers parents that all-important network of support from other families of children with Down’s Syndrome, enabling you to share your experiences and learning with other parents. We also offer a sibling scheme, linking up siblings of special needs children, giving your other children the chance to make new friends, share ideas and gain encouragement and support from other children in the UK and abroad.

Children with Down ’s syndrome have a wide range of talents and abilities and strive to have friends and attain their goals. With the support of a loving family and great intervention, these talents can be nurtured for your child to thrive. 

For further information and resources about Down’s Syndrome, please get in touch with us.

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