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A child with selective mutism is able to speak and understand language but remains silent in certain situations. A child who speaks and communicates fully at home could for example be mute a school. Many children with selective mutism function normally in other areas of their lives.

Selective mutism is not a communication or developmental disorder; it is a form of social anxiety. Many adults who have an anxiety disorder can relate to and understand selective mutism, even though they may not have suffered with it during their own childhood.


This condition is fully treatable and we have helped many children overcome this condition and move forwards with their lives.
Not talking is a behaviour - and behaviour can be changed. Our partners at NETwork Interventions specialise in Verbal Behaviour, a highly effective way of teaching speech, language and communication skills to children.

Our team of highly trained Behaviour Analysts and Psychologists will work with your child and family, as well as your child’s school, identifying and then targeting the underlying problem areas and designing a bespoke programme of intervention to help your child regain his or her ability and motivation to speak and communicate in any and every social situation.

Following an in depth assessment and observation of your child we will discuss the results you can expect to see, along with the timescales and costs involved. It may be that you want a professional to work with your child in a one to one capacity until the problem is resolved. We can certainly do this and once you’re happy to proceed, we can get started.

Whatever level of support your child needs, you can rest assured that we’ll be with your every step of the way, equipping you with the knowledge, training and support to help your child overcome selective mutism and reach his or her potential.


NETwork Interventions has been successful in every case of selective mutism we have worked on.

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